A History of Nintendo’s Handhelds

“In my day, all handheld consoles were called ‘Gameboys’…” – Actual quote from 27 year old Ciarán (who just corrected his age to 27, having only 2 seconds previously written 26. So not only is his youth is well and truly gone, his mind is on the way out, also)

Anyway, before we slip even further down this rabbit hole, let’s get to the video at hand. Vimeo user Dadot has created an animated history of Nintendo’s handheld video game consoles, stretching all the way from the 1980’s Game & Watch to the 3DS XL. The video doesn’t include that hideous piece of awful the 2DS or the deeply unnecessary and infuriating New 3DS. Check it out before and feel all warm and fuzzy and nostalgic inside.

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