Bethesda Announce Skyrim DLC Hearthfire


Okay, how to put this?

Right. So, Bethesda are great. We can all agree on that, hopefully. Skyrim is incredible. Like, seriously. And first DLC Dawnguard was pretty good. Now, with those pleasantries over, we can get to new DLC Hearthfire, which is essentially The Sims: Skyrim. The whole thing centres around you building, furnishing and maintaining your very own home. From purchasing land to whittling a sculpture for your fabulous new entrance hall. It’s all in there. Then you also get to adopt, and subsequently care for, a child. I’m calling bullshit here. Mostly because I don’t really want it to be true. We don’t need a new Sims. We’ve already got loads of them. And, furthermore, Bethesda went on record to say that they were looking to make few but meaty DLCs and this is just glorified playing house.

However, it’s not bullshit. It’s real. And it’s coming to Xbox September 4th. At 400 MS points. Boo-urns.

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