Ever Jane – The Jane Austen MMO

No, no, you didn’t misread that. The Jane. Austen. MMO.

If you’ve ever clutched Pride and Prejudice to your chest and sighed deeply this is the game for you. Secrets, intrigue, gossip, recycled graphics from a 1990s PC horror game; Ever, Jane: The Virtual World of Jane Austen has it all.

The project, developed by 3 Turn Productions, is currently up for funding on Kickstarter with a fairly modest target of $100,000 dollars. While we can’t believe that this is enough to finance production and ongoing hosting, we will be there front and centre to see how this pans out.

So, that happened. If you fancy fetchquesting some lace for a new bonnet or grinding Netherfield for the legendary Shift of Notoriety (I’m winging it here), you can check out the demo on the Kickstarter page.

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