Games News 01/02/11

GodStoria: The Bible Online

Pop Culture Monster has often wondered what Age of Empires would have been like if it had been designed by Ned Flanders. Well good news everyone, our wondering has come to an end. See, Pop Culture Monster has just happened upon the worst idea in gaming history. Forget your Cooking Mamas and your Mary King’s Riding Schools, we bring you GodStoria, the world’s premier and (if we’re wrong we’ll hang our monster head in shame) only Bible MMO. Half Age of Empires, half World of Warcraft, half Zork Online and half THE BIBLE! That’s four halves worth of insanity right there. That adds up to 2! So put down that copy of Robot Unicorn Dash and step away from your Fragger. Get yourself over to for what is bound to be the worst thing you’ve ever done on the internet. Without exception.

Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection

Today SquareEnix announced that Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection (containing the original and its sequel The After Years) will be hitting shops some time this spring. The title, available on PSP, will feature updated visuals and a plot linking the two games together. So for those of you yet to experience FFIV or just die hard fans, keep an eye on this little title and expect a release date soon.

Silent Hill Downpour

The creepiest town in America strikes again. No, not Gnaw Bone, Indiana, Silent Hill of course. Konami have released the details of the latest in the marrow-chilling series. Downpour introduces convict Murphy Pendleton as the town’s newest vict… visitor. After his prison transport bus crashes, he finds himself in the woods outside the town. So far two locations have been revealed: The Diner and The Devil’s Pit. Konami are promising their most frightening entry to the series yet and Pop Culture Monster can’t wait to chow down on some SH brand terror.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gameplay