Games News 09/02/2011

Battlefield 3

Jumping straight into the action: What better trailer to start with than an action packed teaser for Battlefield 3. Observe.

Nifty, eh? As you can see the game has been scheduled for multi platform (PC/Xbox/PS3) release in Autumn – Fall, if you must – 2011. Although given the way gaming has gone this year we might be looking at Winter. So far Paris, Tehran and New York are confirmed maps, with an apparent emphasis on cityscapes. PCM assumes Dublin has been excluded because it’s already enough of a warzone, though there’s always the DLC.

The Sims Medieval

It’s a veritable trailer-palooza today with more delicious eye-candy.  This time it’s the turn of The Sims, returning to go medieval on our collective asses. This new trailer gives us a glimpse of the mundane and average lives of medieval Sims. Or not. It’s The Sims as they always should have been – brandishing swords – and it’s coming to your PC/Mac this March.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gameplay