History of Controllers: Photography Series

Spanish artist Javier Laspiur has created and curated Controllers, a nostalgic series that shows his personal videogame history through a series of controllers. It’s got pretty much everything you could want in there, spanning a 30-year history of video games. The current generation isn’t there, and it looks like he isn’t such a fan of Xbox. *eyeroll* those Sony fanboys *eyeroll*.

The dates shown on each poster represent the year that he first started playing the console or handheld device, not the year it was released (for you date fans).

1984_casio-telenis 1986_NES 1987_Sega-Gameboy 1991_Gamegear 1994_SNES 1997_N64 1999_Gamecube 2002_PS2 2004_xbox 2008_wii 2013_psvita

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gameplay