X-Men: DoFP Quicksilver VFX Breakdown

Bad VFX are the absolute worst. Nothing takes you out of an immersive moment in a movie or TV show like a jarring special effect. Once Upon a Time always springs to mind when I think of bad visual effects. Honestly, it’s a benchmark for terrible CGI. Usually it’s lighting and scale that they never get right, and it’s horrendous. But when VFX are done well, they are so impressive. The skill involved in putting together great VFX scenes is immense. Despite the movie being very uneven in general, THAT Quicksilver scene in X-Men: Days of Future Past is right up there in terms of great special effect scenes this year.

So with the release of the film onto Blu Ray and DVD, the behind-the-scenes scenes are coming out of the wall sphincters. And first up is a breakdown of the Quicksilver scene in question. Great work, VFX team.

p.s. I apologise for saying “wall sphincters”.

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