Track of the Week

Oh My! – Run This Town

My, my aren’t 679 Artists doing extremely well with their signings? From Marina and the Diamonds to Little Boots with a bit of Spark and some Plan B all thrown in the mix, they’re steadily becoming the record company du jour. The newest edition to their already stellar roster is the duo Oh My! They’ve been working with Example on their sound and so far, we really like what we hear. The first single is Run This Town and it’s one of those tracks you instantly think “TUNE! THIS IS A MUTHAFU*KIN TUUUNE!”. It’s grimy, it’s poppy, it’s shouty and it’s singy. And they like to take pictures with parrots. What’s not to like?

And here’s the full track, feel free to sing along. Because you will.

OH MY! Run This Town by OhMyOfficial

Oh My! (pun intended) It’s free to download too!

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