I Know That Feel, Bro

“I Know That Feel, Bro” is one of my favourite memes (just behind Shut Up and Take My Money, If You Know What I Mean and Joy Puke/Cry Face). I’m also a big fan of all things geek. And what has *paperbeatsscissors on DeviantArt gone and done? Well he’s combined the two into this series of fantastic illustrations. Check out more of his stuff on his DeviantArt page (absolutely worth a look – you’ll laugh, joy puke and cry face all the way through).

Imaginary Friend

Can’t Stop Eating

Worthless Without The Suit

Scientifically Demoted

Princess Problems

Itty-Bitty Living Space

Being Green

Orphaned Heroes

Addicted to Dots

Just a Parasite

Gotta Have Rings

Wearing a Visor

Last of the Race

Lost Your Precious

Just Want a Heart

Unintelligible Speech

Expendable Minions

Obsolete Technology

Exaggerated Anti-Heroes

Robot Boys

Being Digitized

Just a Clone

(Via *PaperBeatsScissors)

V – A Tale of Terror