My New Obsession: NeonMob

Let me break this down for you. I’m an absolute fiend for collecting things. I collected so many things as a child, I actually should have been studied. Pogs, Gogos, stickers, coins, weird soap (yes, soap), stamps, Premier League stickers (I don’t even like football), the list goes on and on. Not a single fad came along that I didn’t get my parents to buy into for me. Really, I had a problem. Luckily for my serious clean and clutter issues (I have a lot of issues, clearly), I grew out of this phase. I don’t collect things any more. I prefer to have space over stuff. But it doesn’t mean I don’t still want to collect things. A collector is a collector, till the day he dies.

And, this is where NeonMob comes in. NeonMob is a “collectible digital art platform for collectors and artists”. Essentially it is a place online where you can collect some gorgeous digital art, and your house doesn’t get cluttered. So this fills my want to collect, and my obsessive need to be clean and clutter-free. I get some kick ass digital artwork, and a new hobby. Plus, the collections are mostly limited edition. Let me say that again. LIMITED. EDITION. If that doesn’t already make you want to sign up (which you can do here), I don’t know what will.


But it’s not just an art collection, it’s also like a trading card game. You don’t battle your art (I would be totally up for this BTW… hint, hint), but there is a rarity system that includes variants and special one-offs. And there’s a very simple and effective trading mechanism. You get 4 freebie packs per day, each collection’s pack comes with a certain number of cards. The smaller collections come with less, the bigger usually with more. Some of the smaller collections can only be collected as a freebie once a day. And they’re randomised, just like regular trading cards. So it’s everything this art-obsessed, collector, geek wants.

The rarity system is also really interesting. You have the usual ones – common, uncommon, rare, extremely rare etc- but there’s also a Variant and Chase rarity. These are where it gets super-interesting. Most collections have variants of each of the cards, which can be different colours of the existing ones, or even sketch versions which are usually gorgeous. The Chase is the really special one. As far as I know, all collections have at least one Chase, but I could be wrong. Their odds is unknown for every collection. I’ve only found one so far, and I’ve well over 100 prints. So these are the ones to chase (get it?) after. After all, they could be the deciding factor in a trade agreement for that last remaining card to finish your collection.

The artists, too, get paid for their work. So you’re helping towards funding great artists to keep being artists. Currently, they commission most of their collections directly from the artists, but I was speaking to CEO Mike Duca and he assured me they will be adding a tool later this year so that artists can submit their collections and earn money from the sales. And, they’ll be adding native apps soon, too. So while the responsive website is very usable, this sort of thing just screams out for an app.

So, come be my friend, and sign up today and start collecting. My username is @nerdarama, and I’m willing to trade. Variants and chases, especially.

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