Ordinary Batman Adventures

Ever wondered what Batman gets up to in his spare time. To be fair, he can’t constantly be fighting crime. Even the Bat’s gotta take some down time every now and again, and artist Sarah Johnson takes a look at that down time in a silly, imaginative and downright hilarious way. Here’s the Ordinary Batman Adventures.

Catches snowflakes with his tongue

snowflakes on tongue

Rides a Penny Farthing

rides a penny farthing

Goes Kayaking


Saves kittens from the rain

rescues kittens from the rain

Takes care of the rescued kittens

pet sits

Plays in Autumn leaves

jumps in autumn leaves

Plays Office Olympics

office olympics

Goes fishing

goes fishing

Plays Solitaire

plays solitaire

Eats a 3 scoop

eats ice-cream

But not before he eats pizza. Batman wouldn’t ruin his dinner.

eats pizza


Goes to a TDKR screening. For the memories.

goes to TDKR


Goes Tubing. Alone.


goes river tubing


Uses urinals. See? Even Superheroes have to pee.


has to pee

Has a lounge/fat day.

couch potato

Clips his toenails

clips his toenails

Pensively watches the rain fall

watches the rain


Swings on a tyre swing


tree swing


Toasts marshmallows


toasts marshmallows


Takes bubble baths. With all that crime fighting comes sore muscles.


takes bubble bathsTakes up bird watching



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