Superhero Mashup Comics

Canadian graphic designer and illustrator Marco D’Alfonso has been creating Superhero mashups for a long time now. Unfortunately for me, I only discovered his genius very recently. But I’m glad I did, even if I am late to the party. He’s been creating these mashups mostly for Comic Book Resources’ “The Line it is Drawn” series. Most every one is incredible, but we can’t post them all. So I’ve selected my favourites from over the past (mostly) year. Check out his deviantART and website while you’re at it.

Avengers Adventure Time

Batman The Shining

Captain America Rockwell

Deadpool Taxi Driver

GI Joe Deadpool

GI Joe Romance Comic

Harley and Stitch

Hulk Jake

Jack Kirby Akira

Joker Loki

Little Miss Sunshine TMNT

Professor X Hodor

Rocket Racoon Space Invaders


Spider Man Romance Comic

Spider-Man Charlie Brown

Spider-Man Dr Seuss

Star Wars Secret Wars

The Punisher Bambi

Illustrated Entire Harry Potter Plot