Donkey Me, Donkey Kong with ’80s Movies

Have you ever wanted to play Donkey Kong as your favorite movie character like Rambo, Conan The Barbarian, or Ellen Ripley? Bruno R. Marcos is making that desire become reality. Donkey Me, a series of “expansion packs” from the indie game designer promises cinematic “platform action”. He has swapped Mr Kong and Jumping Man (A.K.A. Mario) with some of the ’70s and ’80s most memorable and cherished cinematic heroes.


But that’s just it; he’s tapped into our nostalgia factor in more ways than one. Tap into the geek 20-30-somethings market with the promise of playing one of the most wildly successful and beloved videogames of all time, all the while updating it to be very much of the now. I mean, who wouldn’t want to jump around as 8-bit Ellen Ripley, huh? The game will be released online “soon” and even better will be released for free! Check out the promo video below along with screenshots of some of the featured movies.





Big Trouble in Little China

big trouble in little china

Conan the Barbarian

conan the barbarian

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

indiana jones and the raiders of the lost ark

First Blood (Rambo)

Rambo first blood

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope (Tatooine)

star wars episode IV a new hope Tatooine.jpg

Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope

star wars episode IV a new hope

Total Recall

total recall


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