Games News 02/02/11 – Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Special

Lego: Pirates of the Caribbean

Stale. Stagnant. Cash cow. All the of the words that pop into the mind of Pop Culture Monster when he thinks of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. Sure, the first one was fun. It gave us back pirates, it showed us a new side to Johnny Depp and it had an amusing monkey. Since then pirates have become passé, we’ve discovered that Johnny Depp only has that one character and the monkey – like the series of films – just wouldn’t die.

So Disney have taken the only logical step left to them. They’ve made it into a Lego game. Come back Jack Sparrow, all is forgiven. TT Games and Disney Interactive Studios have teamed up to give Pirates the block treatment. Following in the footsteps of Harry Potter, Star Wars, Batman and Indiana Jones, Pirates is soon to be rendered in all of Lego’s manic yellow glory.

The game will be released to coincide with the opening of the latest film in the franchise Pirates of The Caribbean: On Stranger Tides this May. It will feature characters and locations from the first three films and some from the latest addition to the series. Like the previous Lego ventures the game will allow mulitplayer and Free Play across more than 20 levels, ensuring the games longevity. It also boasts the trademark TT sense of humour which has made loving mockery of their source material.

Basically it would take a lot for a TT Games Lego game to go wrong so we have relatively high hopes for Lego Pirates of the Caribbean. The game will receive the usual multiplatform release so don’t worry about getting your hands on it, you shall be catered for. All that remains to do is to polish your hook, brush up your best pirate hat and saw off one of your legs in the lead up to its May 2011 release date.

Here, have a teaser on us:

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