Games News 02/11/11

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer

The announcement only came last week and we already have a trailer. We’re back in San Andreas for this installment, and going by the trailer, it looks absolutely incredible. Visuals are stellar, and this trailer has set the scene perfectly. No release date as yet, but we’ll keep you posted as more info gets here. Until then, have a quick look at the trailer below and let us know how excited you are on a scale of one to LET’S BEAT UP SOME PIMPS AND BITCHES.

Max Payne 3 New Screenshots

Keeping with Rockstar for this one. These four cool new screenshots got send to PCM headquarters this morning.




New Mass Effect 3 Screenshots

This is my jam. And my bread. And the peanut butter and anything else delicious I want to put on that sandwich of awesome. I’m so far beyond excited for this game that I almost can’t contain myself. And these new screenshots have possibly made that even worse. Roll on March 2012, where I will not see anyone for the best part of a week. Or more. We’ll see…

Free Gears of War 3 Map Pack

Yes, you read that right. The good folks at Epic games are treating fans to a free DLC map pack on November 24th – Thanksgiving! They’re “giving thanks” to their fans, as they say. In a press released issued today, details about the map pack were released:

The Versus Booster Map Pack will feature five explosive maps available in public matchmaking playlists – two favourite maps from Gears 1, Swamp and Clocktower, as well as Azura, Rustlung and Blood Drive from the Horde Command Pack.

Out today though is that Hoard Command Pack for 800 MSP. Which seems steep but with what you’re getting for it, it’s actually okay value for money. If you’re only looking for the maps though, do hold out for the free map pack come Thanksgiving because they’re bundled in there. The Hoard Command Pack includes:

·         New Horde fortification upgrades – Command Center, Decoy upgrade, Sentry upgrade, Silverback upgrade
·         Exclusive playable characters – Bernie Mataki, Big Rig Dizzy, Onyx Guard
·         Exclusive weapon skins – Team Plasma, Jungle Camo
·         New multiplayer maps – Azura, Rustlung, Blood Drive
·         New Achievements worth 250 Gamescore

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gameplay