Games News – 17/01/11

Star Wars – The Old Republic

LucasArts plunges us headlong into the Star Wars universe with The Old Republic. Picking up approximately 400 years after The Knights of The Old Republic series, the developers seem to feel that this tight little franchise can be spiced up by sticking a bit of MMO to our RPG. As such, in the same year that we’re given a DC Universe and a mini-Marvel MMO, expect to be throwing more time and money at learning to be a Jedi. So far we haven’t seen anything that sets this MMO apart (apart from amazing Force powers), so either you’re going to have to pick a game and stick with it or you could win the lottery and quit your job. Either way you’re going to have very little time for sunshine or food.

Projected release for The Old Republic is Q3 2011.

Magic: The Gathering – Tactics

Wizards of the Coast bring your favourite strategy card game (and if you dare mention YuGiOh Pop Culture Monster will find you and eat you) to life in glorious online 3D. Magic: The Gathering is a free-to-download release available from January 18th and will see players using their favorite creatures and spells from the card game to do real-time battle online. Players will possess a spellbook containing their spells and summons, replacing the traditional card system. While the game is free to download WotC will be making their money by having players buy booster packs to expand their spellbooks. Not a big deal for anyone already shelling out to expand their card collections, but maybe not ideal for newcomers to the franchise. Either way, we think Magic: The Gathering – Tactics is definitely worth a free peek.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gameplay