Games News 8/01/11

First up in the gaming news, we have the beat-em-up everyone seems to be absolutely dying to play. It is, of course, Marvel Vs Capcom 3. We have 2 exciting new videos for you each showcasing a new fighter. First up is Mike Haggar, who you might recognise from Capcom’s Final Fight series, and then we have Jean Grey, or Phoenix as she’s known in the game, from Marvel’s X Men. Haggar looks absolutely hands-down great. At one point we see Jean turn into Dark Phoenix which seems to restore her health fully but drains with time. It’s an interesting twist for her character. The combos look great, and the stylising of the game also looks stunning. This game is set to completely blast any previous “Vs” game clean out of its path. It’s released on February 15. We await it with baited breath. To the videos!




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