Minecraft Getting Far Cry 3 Mod

Well, well, well… Isn’t this just dandy? I’m not bitter at all that my PC can’t handle HD video let alone games. Nope, not bitter. At. All.

Enough of that, though. Because Ubisoft have revealed that there’s a Far Cry 3 mod coming for Minecraft. It’s a free map and texture map that modifies the game’s weapons and tools, introduces a new topical island map with (get in!) 50 hidden Easter Eggs, and provides character skins for Vaas, Jason and Citra. And it’s arriving on October 26th

The maps were created by Newcraft City’s Sacr3 along with artists Axel Janssen and Yohann Delcourt.

Check out the promotional images they’ve released to tease the mod. They look pretty effin’ amazing.

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