25 New Images From Marvel’s Avengers Assemble

*Warning: minor spoilers*

It’s only 2 weeks (26th April!) until Marvel’s The Avengers (retitled for some weird reason to Avengers Assemble¬†for Uk/Ireland release) and we’re edge-of-our-seats excited. So what better way to whet some of that appetite than 25 new stills from the movie. As we’ve already said, there are some minor spoilers.

Sidebar, there’s a distinct lack of Thor in these. Considering the only Thor picture here is the best one of the bunch, we’re kind of sad about that.

Iron ManIron ManThe HulkCaptain AmericaHawkeyeLokiNick Fury, Captain America and Tony StarkQuinjetThe HulkMaria HillThorNick Fury and HawkeyeLokiHelicarrierHelicarrierBlack WidowIron Man and Captain AmericaBlack WidowLoki, Captain America and Iron ManLokiLokiNick Fury and the TesseractThe Tesseract

via (Movies.ie)

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