Is Ellen Page Playing Barbara Gordon in TDKR?

Multiple sources online say yes, including The Dark Knight Rises Rumors who broke the news last night, and multiple sources say no, including who disputed it this morning as fake. There really is a 50/50 chance here on whether or not Ellen Page (Inception, Juno) will take on the role of the commissioner’s niece, Barbara Gordon (later Batgirl and then the wonderful Oracle).

In favour of this rumour is the fact that Page has previously worked with director Christopher Nolan on his smash-hit blockbuster Inception, and as we know there’s a lot of Inception alumni working on the final Batman flick, due out in July 2012. But what’s most in favour of this is the fact that this picture has surfaced online:

Reportedly taken by one of the Dark Knight Rises Rumors’ readers, Dwight Bendish, on set for TDKR, he sent it to them last night. There’s no trace of Dwight Bendish in a simple Google search save links to this particular story. So chances are, true or false, this guy is hiding his identity. It was apparently snapped on November 10th, almost two weeks ago at this stage. are saying that because of this along with the fact that the trailer is not those used in NYC film sets, that the story is a hoax.

I’d be tentative about dismissing the story based on this, however it is reported on IMDB that Page is currently filming another film due out in 2012, The East. So there’s that. Hoax or not, it would be really interesting to see Page take on the role. We loved her in Inception (hated her in Juno… It was the character though. She’s just so hipster and smart and oh-so-sassy and sarcastic and GRR!). What’s potentially more interesting is what incarnation of Babs we’ll get to see should it turn out to be true – since we found out yesterday that TDKR is set 8 years on from the current story of the movie franchise. I’d hedge my bets at pre-Batgirl era Barbara, if only because there are so many characters in this film already.

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