Marvel Gets Creative With Thor Release

With the release of the Thor movie literally around the corner (April 27), Marvel are hammering home their insane ability with creative marketing with the release of some wicked-cool stuff leading up to its release. As far as we’re concerned nothing can beat marvel when it comes to striking just the right chord when it comes to movie releases. We hope they’re not trying to overshadow the actual movie with these interactive marketing strategies, but from what we’ve seen so far with regards to clips and previews, the Thor movie looks dark, well written, well cast and full of little humourous bits to keep you going.

So without further ado, here’s two littleĀ assetsĀ from Marvel HQ that will keep you entertained and intrigued for at least 10 mins.

Firstly, we have the Thor interactive guide where you can explore the whole Thor universe, clicking your way through dozens of screen-shots, stills and videos along with bios of all your favourite characters and settings. You unlock more content the more you click through, and when you unlock 100% you get a little bonus “easter egg” at the end. The bonus isn’t that exciting, to be honest, but the journey there is. And they say it’s all about the journey.

Next up, it’s the Thor: Hammer Smashup App. Now, this is awesome. It’s an interactive app where you take control of Thor’s hammer and wield your frustrations on any webpage you wish. You can smash the website to bits. It’s the perfect stress buster! You can pound the page, throw the hammer and hope for the best and even create a wormhole and rid the whole thing with some simple mouse-movements. It’s one of the most interactive and ingenious marketing apps we’ve ever come across. We’ve already got our list of websites to pummel, have you?

Check out the app here.

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