Smurfs 3D and Bad Teacher Int Trailers

Smurfs 3D

I don’t know what I feel about this movie. I mean, on one hand I’m excited to see my childhood rendered on the big-screen but on the other, there’s also the fact that it’s a live-action flick. And that may just be a little wrong. On the third hand, it’s got NPH and Jayma Mays in it. And on the fourth hand, from all the trailers it looks a little naff. I don’t know where those extra hands arrived from.

Anyway, a new international trailer has just arrived which shows a little bit more than the first one. In fact, it shows a lot more. Check it out and see what you think. I’m a little torn on whether or not to like this one yet. We’ll just have to wait until August to see.

Bad Teacher

Cameron Diaz is the foul-mouthed, drunk, lazy and apathetic teacher (sounds like some of Pop Culture Monster’s teachers in school). She decides that she wants to find a man who will take care of her. Cut to Justin Timberlake (so, he’s an actor now, eh?), the apparent man of her dreams. She thinks she needs to get a boob job to impress him and lo and behold she finds that she has to give a crap about teaching to win the bonus to buy herself some new bonuses. Inspired. Really, truly inspired.

The only really redeeming thing about this movie is that it has Jason Segal (HIMYM) and Phyllis Smith (The US Office) in it. Apart from that, it looks set to flop in PCM’s eyes.

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