New Music Sunday: Binko Swink

It’s not very often that you come across a band that strikes a chord so instantly that when you get to the end of the song, you instantly press replay. Binko Swink’s Patient managed to do just that.

So who are Binko Swink? They’re a London duo (sometimes trio if you include their live drummer Andy) who make soft, melodic pop music. Listing influences from Lia Ices and Lykke Li to Perfume Genius and The National, the band is in its infancy having only started as Binko Swink in January this year. The pair have been making music together in various guises over the last few years though, and that shows with their tight songwriting. Teaming scratchy guitars and an old-school rock and roll sound, very much in vogue with indie artists of the moment, with deft lyrics about heartbreak and life, Binko Swink sound, for want of a better word, cool. They release their fist single Patient next month.

Listen to: Take The Pop, Patient.

Binko Swink

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