This Week in Videos

Every week there’s a slew of new so-called “must see” videos. We’ll admit, most of them aren’t worth your time. However, we’ve collected some of our favourites right here for you to enjoy. So, well, um, enjoy!

First up we have a live-action Portal film. This fan made video clocks in just shy of 7 minutes. Nothing much happens until around the 2min mark (so if you want to skip to it, we don’t blame you). After that, we get to see the portal gun in action… Can you say “WIN”?

There are countless numbers of talented people displaying their talent on the magical interwebz site we call YouTube. This young fella’s called Sungha Jung and he plays the ukulele like there’s no tomorrow. Here’s himself playing the main Super Mario themes.


Next up we have a parody song. This is really one for the WoW fans among us, but for everyone else, the video shows the gameplay that they’re singing about so it makes it very accessible. Great vocal performance too!

Jurrasic Park, but with toys. Yes, these folks have kindly given us a fantastic low-down on Raptors using none other than plastic toys. It’s sweet, informative and, well, brilliant!

Final Fantasy XIII-2 dropped its trailer at PAX prime just yesterday. And… Moogles are back!

This video would be ruined by an introduction. Just watch it. And feel saddened that it wasn’t you.

And now to our absolute favourite video of all time this week… Jedi Kittens. Yes, you guessed it. Someone finally made a kitteh video and stuck some lightsabers on them. Why was this not made before now?

V – A Tale of Terror