Music Reviews – The EP Edition

Wonder Villains – Zola EP

There’s something really fun about these guys. And it doesn’t feel faked, they genuinely seem like they’re have a blast doing what they love. And if debut EP Zola is anything to go by, I’m excited to hear the album. With a sense of humour to match their sense of musicality, there’s really no stopping these guys from making it big. Title track Zola is hoppy and boppy and an ohrwurm if ever I heard one. 33 is beautifully meta, showcasing the band’s strong lyrical ability. Running in Circles is the strongest for me. A new wave track that sounds like it was taken straight from an 80s anthemic mix-tape. Ace.

If you had to describe them in reference to already established acts, I suppose you could place them somewhere between Vampire Weekend and Foster The People via Kim Wilde. But this young act (they’ve only barely finished their A Levels) have far to go, with a sound they can call their own.

The Zola EP is released here in Ireland on October 14th and in the UK on 17th.

[xrr rating=4.5/5]

The Dead Flags – You Got it Wrong EP

Jam packed with glorious soaring melodies, singable lyrics and a dash of funk, You Got it Wrong is a very accomplished EP from the Dublin rockers. They came to prominance in 2008 when their demo got them featured on 2FMs “Next-Big-Thing” showcase and on the 2FM 2morrow 2our. The departure of their drummer in 2010 left the band on hiatus, but they’ve managed to come back stronger than before. There’s a real sense of purpose on the EP. There’s a freshness to their sound, and the Jack Samson remix of their single Let’s Start a Fire Tonight is funkadelic to the max.

The title track You Got it Wrong is rousing and upbeat, crammed with impossibly catchy riffs and an anthemic vocal line. I dare you not to tap your foot or sing along.

They may just have struck the perfect balance between synth, rock and pop. If you’re going to buy one EP this year, make it this one.

Released 28th October.

 [xrr rating=4/5]


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