The Walking Dead: Web Series

Web series spin-offs of popular TV series are the mode du jour. And AMC’s The Walking Dead is no different. The network are treating fans to a 6-episode story arc ahead of the premiere of the Season 2 premiere. The web series kicks off today at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) over on

The episodes will revolve around Hannah, played by Lilli Birdsell, who is known as the “Bicycle Girl”, one of the fans’ favourite walkers. It will take you through her back story, to before she became a zombie, where she was just another survivor struggling to save her family. It is produced by Generate, conceived and directed by Greg Nicotero with the teleplay written by John Esposito.

All 6 episodes will debut today. We’re unsure whether or not fans outside the US and Canada will have access to the content, but we’re sure it will pop up on YouTube not long after.

Until then, here’s some stills to keep you happy… and hungry.

Update: You can indeed watch them outside of the US and Canada. Happy watching!




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