New Music 22-28/11/10

Thought it was going to be a good week this week with Jessie J and Maud releasing tracks. But then came the X-Factor single. Guess where that made it this week… good or bad?


Maud in Cahoots – Push Me Under

Not enough great things can be said about these people. Maud and her band are one of the most promising and exciting acts to ever come out of Ireland. And they’re not overrated like U2. Oh no, this band have the talent and great songs to make them massive. Their first single release (this one!) is part of the deal with winning Guinness Our Thursdays and Pop Culture Monster had a midnight snack when he got his teeth into this track last night. Their once demo has been suped up and is sounding massive. A great big wall of brilliance. And it’s presently number 4 in the iTunes Alternative chart. So, get downloading yo!?

X-Factor Finalists – Heroes

… NO! NO! NO! STOP IT! STOP IT, COWELL! YOU WILL GO TO HELL FOR THIS CARRY ON! And what’s with the fucking muzak, huh? Why go all Snow Patrol on a Bowie classic, huh? Why?


Honourable Mentions:

Nick Howard – Falling For You Sure isn’t this a lovely little ditty? Have a listen for yourself below. It’s kinda wimpy, but cute. And we like a bit of acoustic.


Have You Heard This Yet? Robyn Sherwell