New Music Sunday – GRIMES


Photo by David J. Romero

“Weird pop” is thrown around all too often to describe the plethora of artists trying a hand at making music. But it perfectly describes this week’s New Music Sunday artist GRIMES.

Montreal’s GRIMES (real name Clare Boucher) claims influences range from Mariah Carey to the Cocteau Twins via Prince and others. It may be difficult to comprehend how all of this fits together, but in GRIMES it does. She could almost be described as a juxtaposition of these artists, or indeed a concoction made from the combination. But she’s not derivative, she has her own sound. And it’s strange, beautiful and yet distinctly pop.

Check out her MySpace for 9 songs from this young lady, and also, you can download her album here. You can choose to donate or not (therefore downloading for free), but we suggest you donate, because it’s really worth it. It’s a stellar album (and just a little bit eerie!)

Key tracks: Weregild, ∆∆∆∆Rasik∆∆∆∆, † River †. (yes, that’s the names of the songs)

GRIMES – † River † by Pop Culture Monster


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