Playlist – The Best of September 2012

The Zolas – Knot in My Heart

The Zolas are Canadian. That’s the first awesome thing about them. The next is that this track is the best track of September 2012. Guaranteed. It’s weird, off kilter and just plain sublimely wonderful music making. Purchase it on iTunes here.

Mr Fogg – Tightrope

One man, one supremely great track’s worth of electropop goodness. There’s goddamn flügelhorns in there for crying out loud.

Rupert Stroud – No Peace of Mind

This is actually the B-side of new single Twisted Games. While Twisted Games is a great track, this one is even better. Fresh, melodic and with some beautifully raw vocals.

Hidden Orchestra – Spoken

If you thought the above tracks were a bit out there, have a listen to this. A wonderful, floating instrumental (yes, no vocals) track from one of the best instrumental quartets out there. Spoken is dreamy, wistful and divinely poetic. It also showcases some wonderful trumpet and cello.

Fossil Collective – On & On

Fossil Collective have been on our radar for quite a while now and have been subtly building steam. On & On is the lead track from their new EP. Bouncy and instantly singable, it’s one of their best tracks to date.

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