Spark – Revolving Video

So, one of the new talents around the musicsphere is the supremely talented and absolutely lovely Spark (aka Jess Morgan). November 15th sees the release of her debut single, Revolving, on Neon Gold. And what a tuuuune it is. The video has just been circulated and Pop Culture Monster has a few thoughts on it. But first, have a look at it yourself.

Okay, firstly, isn’t Spark-y one of the most striking looking artists out there? Jet black hair, rouge lips, porcelain skin. Stunner! The video seems like a debut video, it’s all about her. No one else. Really ingraining her image in your brain. The colours are all reflective of her image (black, red, white). It really goes well with the song, which really takes centre stage, as it should. From Pop Culture Monster, Spark gets a massive BOOM for this one! Kudos Spark, Jess, 679 and everyone else involved.

The Warrior One remix of the track is also pretty sweet. Have a listen below.

Spark – Revolving (Warrior One Remix) by Pop Culture Monster

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