Sunday Girl – Stop Hey Video

We’ve talked a good bit about Jade Williams aka Sunday Girl. We love her voice, style and her  totally cool panache. She has more talent in her hand-made collar than most artists out there. She really is an artist too – not only does she sing, write her own stuff etc, she also does all her own artwork and makes a lot of her clothes and does all the set design for her videos. All that and she’s got such a humble way about her. She kinda makes you feel like a massive underachiever… But anyways, to the video.


This is one of Pop Culture Monster’s favourite songs of the year. And the video really sets the whole thing off very nicely. There’s beautiful styling in this video – all of her clothes are ridic. But then again, look at her, she’s like a Russian supermodel. She could pull off a mullet, socks and sandles and a bumbag. *stop getting distracted about her talent and start talking about the video ‘Monster!* Sorry, the dog is adorable and beautiful. The set design is minimal and beautiful, the shots are outstanding and the lighting is really effective. The only unfortunate thing is Stop Hey isn’t being released until January 2011. Yeah, we know. The video is a real showcase for Sunday Girl, and Pop Culture Monster gives a massive 2 paws up to Jade and everyone else involved.


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