Dawson’s Creek – Sponsored by Kleenex

Allow me to take you on a journey into the distant past. The year was 1998. The year that brought us Pokemon Red, Sky Digital and attractive teens with disturbingly broad vocabularies. Yes 1998 was the year that gave us the iconic Dawson’s Creek.

Today, with the assistance of his good friend the Teen Drama Llama (left), Pop Culture Monster brings you some of Capeside’s soggiest moments. So break out your tissues and your ice-cream as we take a trip down misery lane.

1.) Pacey

Have you composed yourself? Are we okay to continue? Okay.

2.) Joey

*sniff* Sad Llama.

3.) Jack and Andie

Wow. Powerful. Don’t mess with a McPhee.

4.) Jen (WARNING: Extreme Sadness ahead)

Okay. That’s gonna take a few minutes to get over. This might help:

5.) Dawson

So that was the Teen Drama Llama’s round up of the most teen-dramatic moments in Dawson’s Creek. We’d like to thank him for being here with us and we’d like to thank you, gentle reader, for taking a trip with us into TV’s saucy past. Join us next time when special guest The Game Show Crow will be popping by to peck your viewing eyes out.

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