GoT Little Miss & Mr Men

They don’t come much funnier than this. A (I assume, considering the “J’aime” link to Facebook on the Tumblr) French artist has taken our beloved Game of Thrones characters and turned them into Little Miss and Mr Men. A stroke of pure genius that I’m sure even GRRM would approve of. This is an ongoing project, with new a new character each day. Check out Mr and Little Miss Game of Thrones on Tumblr and on Facebook.

Arya Stark

arya stark

Daenerys Targaryen


Gregor Clegane

gregor clegane

Joffrey Baratheon


Khal Drogo

khal drogo

Ned Stark

ned stark

Petyr Baelish


Samwell Tarley

samwell tarley

Sansa Stark

sansa stark


Irish artist/illustrator Sarah Bevan did her own take on this idea earlier this month. This one is way more accurate.

little miss incest

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