Open Call for Writers

Pop Culture Monster is rolling out a few new features over the coming months, and one of them is looking for some talented writers to come on board. Geeks, gamers, movie nerds, music nuts, pop culture enthusiasts and everything in between. If you are one of these, we want to hear from you.

What do we need from you?

We’d ideally want you to commit kneecapping. Nah just kidding folks, it’s all love no war here. What we’d ideally want is an article a day but if you could even commit to as little as 3 articles per week that would be great. Articles are usually no less than about 500 words, but are obviously flexible depending on subject matter. If it requires more visual aids than words, that’s perfectly acceptable too.

What you get?

Unfortunately, at the moment, Pop Culture Monster can’t offer you any monetary compensation for your work, but he can promise to give you lots of love and monster hugs. And your very own Paw Print like this one:

I want in, what do I do?

It’s easy, send us an email with a copy of at least one article (about anything) that best shows off your style of writing (try make it 500+ words!) and in that email tell us a little about yourself including any experience you have (this doesn’t mean you need any, just have passion!). Send that email to If you’re not interested, but you know someone who might be, send them on the link!

V – A Tale of Terror