Ireland has a long-standing tradition with storytelling. From myths, legends and traditional storytellers the seanchaí to proudly boasting some of the greatest storytellers and novelists of the last few centuries. So we fast forward to around about now and a multimedia website called comes along boasting personal stories to give you an alternative tour of Dublin? Colour me intrigued! is the brainchild of Tom Rowley and Andy Flaherty, two film graduates with a passion for Dublin and stories. The website essentially combines YouTube videos with a map of Dublin. These videos are of real people telling their story about places, people and weird and wonderful things. The stories range from a guy who pretended to be blind to pick up women on Camden Street to a story of a dwarf and a granny locking horns on a Luas.

The lads hope to have a story for every street one day, and are expanding their site by one video-story a week. If you have a story you’d like to share you can get in touch with the lads at

V – A Tale of Terror