Awesome Watercolour Superheroes

Mexico-born, Seattle-based Illustrator, designer, and visual artist Alberto Cerriteño started posting a series of watercolour-style superheroes to his Instagram account, with one (or sometimes even two) almost every day. The result is a very unique set of prints that are just dying to be made into t-shirts, posters, and GIFs. Cerriteño is “strongly inspired by urban vinyl toys, alternative cartoons, and the pop surrealism movement”, yet manages to exhibit a very personal style throughout his work. His artwork often features hints of traditional Mexican art features, especially in his choice of patterns and his way with colour. Check out his (admittedly huge, apologies but they’re all so good) collection of Superheroes below…

watercolour aquaman

watercolour batman

watercolour beast

watercolour captain america

watercolour catwoman 2

watercolour catwoman

watercolour colossus

watercolour cyclops

watercolour deadpool

watercolour elecktro

watercolour flash

watercolour galactus

watercolour ghost rider

watercolour green arrow

watercolour green lantern

watercolour hawkeye

watercolour hawkman

watercolour hulk

watercolour iron man

watercolour joker

watercolour juggernaut

watercolour lex luthor

watercolour magneto

watercolour martian manhunter

watercolour nightcrawler

watercolour plastic man

watercolour quicksilver

watercolour sabretooth

watercolour silver surfer

watercolour spider-man

watercolour superman

watercolour thing

watercolour thor

watercolour venom

watercolour wolverine 2

watercolour wolverine

watercolour wonderwoman

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