Games News 15/01/11

As 2010 drew to a close and more and more games were pushed back, towards the end of what started as a fantastic year it seemed to fizzle out in the great releases department. It wasn’t without its highlights, but 2011 seems to be the year for having an awful lot of disposable income to spend on these. They’re some the big tunas of the gaming world. Here’s some of what 2011 has to offer:

Mortal Kombat

Platform: Playstation 3, Xbox 360.

Even though it’s simply titled Mortal Kombat, it’s actually the ninth outing in this series of beat ’em ups. It begins after the events of Armageddon but returns to the period in which the first three titles occur. Plot twists, and a 2D plane rendered with beautiful 3D giving it a 2.5D look. It will feature a 4 button, one for each limb style of input which is more known in the Tekken series. Confirmed modes are online, Tag-team and a Challenge Tower mode. Release date is set for April 19.

The Sub-Zero Vignette Trailer:

Mileena Vignette Trailer:

and an amateur video of one of Mileena’s fatalities. NOT for the feint hearted.

Batman: Arkham City

Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC.

The new Hugo Strange Trailer is a testament to how unbelievable graphics have become and just how realistic looking developers can make game footage. Just look at the rain water at the end. Insane. Release date is set for September 30.

Screenshots. Click to enlarge ’em.

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Gameplay