Geek’d Out From Top To Toe

PopCultureMonster has rummaged through the drawers and closets of the internet to bring you the best (and worst) geek apparel we could find. If you’re feeling übergeeky you could wear it all at the same time… Standing on a WiiBoard… In front of an EyeToy. Or not.


PopCultureMonster is very fond of Zazzle’s collection of geek and gaming themed hats. Let’s face it, why wouldn’t we be. Geeky and proud. Proud enough to wear it on our heads. Even if they don’t make them in giant monster sizes. But if you have a human-sized head you can check them out here.


Bored of your dull and regular face? Why not spice it up, Virtual Reality style. These VR glasses won’t do much for your street cred – or your depth perception – but man do they look cool. Plus at these prices you’d probably be able to afford the corrective eye surgery you’d need and any medical expenses incurred from being beaten up. Find them here.


If you were to have a peek in PopCultureMonster’s closet half of the apparel you’d find would be from With sizes from Small to XXXXL, as well as baby kit, you can attire the whole geek family (provided you were able to magic some girl/guy into marrying you). Point being, they have clothing and accesories to suit any geeky passion and with a new European distributor are now even more accesible than before. Your cloth armour awaits you here.


How could we talk about geeking yourself from head to toe without giving an honourable mention to PAX’s Power Glove. Today’s WiiMote wielding tykes have no idea how sweet we had it back in gaming’s Golden Age. You have motion tracking and infrared, we had a NES controller glued to a fencing gauntlet. Good times. Anyone feeling nostalgic can pick one up here and let the carpal tunnel commence.


PopCultureMonster does not wear pants.


Once again catering to the retro gamer in all of us, Zazzle clads us horns to paws with their collection of marvellous 8-bit shoes, by which we mean 8-bit themed and not 8-bit because the corners would wreak havok. So if you have a penchant for games gone by or are suffering from a nasty case of tetris-foot, you can find something to meet your needs here.

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