Alternative Movie Posters

Matthew Chojnacki’s latest book, Alternative Movie Posters: Film Art from the Underground, features 200 alternative movie posters from over 100 artists and designers, with everything from Bambi and Blade Runner to The Goonies and The Big Lebowski. Chojnacki spent a year curating the book, whittling the list from more than 10,000 pieces down to the final 200. Alternative Movie Posters artists hail from 20 different countries around the world. Of the collection, Chojnacki said,

The only criteria was that the poster couldn’t have been used in an official theatrical run of the film. And it had to kick ass. I wanted to include a wide range of artistic styles, film genres, and countries of origin. Luckily, underground artists have recently started to pick up the slack, creating posters for current, classic, and cult films that far exceed the quality of studio-generated one-sheets. The collectors market is now turned on its head — and these unofficial posters are far more in demand that the studio pieces.

This kind of artwork is very popular, something which Chojnacki believes has something to do with the quality of the posters movie studios are currently making – they’re simply not as striking as they used to be.  Modern film posters focus too much on its stars, rather than the film itself – look at iconic posters like Jaws and Anatomy of a Murder, and Metropolis. These posters convey the film in interesting ways – you can appreciate the design even if you don’t appreciate the film.

The book will be available later this month on 28th, and you can check out a sample of the posters from the book below.




die hard




the life aquatic



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