Awesome Clay Movie and TV Posters

Warwickshire-based mixed media artist Lizzie Campbell (a.k.a. Clay Disarray) has made a series of brilliant alternative movie and TV posters using polymer clay. To you and me, that’s the clay you make things with and then put in your oven at home to harden. Remember that as a child? Yeah, well Lizzie has gone and been excellent at it, and makes awesome things out of it. I’m feeling a little foolish having only really semi-successfully made a tiny replica of a burger that wasn’t remotely appetising looking. I really should have stuck with it. But there you go.

About working with the clay, Lizzie says,

I’ve always been passionate about illustration, and I went to art school upon leaving high school. I signed up for a visual communication course specialising in illustration which was brilliant. All was to change, however, when I stumbled across air-dry clay in a class workshop – and I suddenly realised that I didn’t have to stress out about my drawing style as I could work in 3D!

I immediately began experimenting with air-dry clay, but I still felt a little frustrated by its limitations for creating finer detail. Luckily, I came across polymer clay around a year ago and I instinctively knew it was the right creative material for me and so my ‘Clay Disarray’ studio was born!

She says each poster takes a few days to make, and we absolutely believe her. Even just to get the clay that smooth would take us weeks! Prints, phone cases, pillows, stretched canvases and more of her work are available to purchase online at her Society6 page.

Breaking Bad

Donnie Darko




Halloween III | Season of the Witch


Ichi the Killer

Little Shop of Horrors

Lost in Translation

Nosferatu- A Symphony of Horror

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou


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