iamgroot. iamgroot

I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot… *cough* I mean, move over Google Translate and make way for Grootify. Thanks to the creativity of guys over at Us vs Th3m you can translate any webpage into the language of one of the breakout Marvel favourites of year, Groot! All you have to do is simply drag the Grootify button (or Bookmarklet, if you want to get technical… *pushes glasses up bridge of nose, takes inhaler*) up to your bookmark bar, visit any page and click Grootify in your bookmarks bar and.. I AM GROOT!


Now why not take a few mins out and try Grootify some of your favourite websites: your Twitter (or ours!), your Facebook page (or ours!), or you know maybe take a tour around your favourite website ever (ahem, it’s this one, in case you forgot…) and give it a whirl!

Like a good Blue Peter presenter, here’s one we made earlier:


Now, to sit back and wait for the potted dancing Groot to go on sale. This film has essentially give Disney a licence to print money. Again.

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