Batman Fan Film is Pretty Great

Director(s): Brett Register

Starring: Chloe DykstraCraig FrankArmand VasquezDaniel Vincent GordhBrian KimmetMaury SterlingFrank Birney

Duration: 0H7M

Set one year post Nolan’s run, writer Woody Tondorf and director Brett Register envision a Gotham where crime bosses reign in the wake of Batman’s “death”. ┬áThe short sees one-time Batman sidekick Red Hood, as the masked vigilante bent on stopping them. Gotham is under his protection, now, and the repercussions for breaking the law are a little bit more extreme than when the Bat had the run of the city.┬áThere’s quite a few nods to the DC comics continuity, which will excite fans of the comic. There’s also a cool look at Nightwing that looks like it could flesh out quite nicely in future.


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