GoT FX: How Dragons are Built

Have you ever wondered just what goes into making the stunning VFX we see week-in, week-out on Game of Thrones? A new video posted by It’s Art Mag reveals just that. In an interview with Pixomondo, VFX Supervisor Sven Martin explained their approach to the design of the dragons, saying

“Main approach to create believable creatures was to study and imitate real living animals. Also we build up our dragons from ‘insight out’ starting with a anatomical correct skeleton, building muscles and skin above. While the skin tones are a mixture of existing reptiles, the body proportions mimic bird-like animals to make them fly when they are getting older. As with the modeling and design we referenced a variety of different flying animals and used the most interesting parts for our animation. While adopting the flight behaviors from bats till eagles we always had to maintain a believable mixture.

In the companion video of the piece, we see the set pieces and dragons stripped down and re-skinned again, giving us a fascinating insight into the work the VFX team do to make Game of Thrones so visually impressive. We always knew Westeros didn’t actually exist, but it sure was surprising to see just how much of the world is so masterfully digitally created.

via It’s Art Mag

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