Brave Sneak Peek

Have you all been very good boys and girls? Well in that case your uncle Monster has a treat for you. Check out this sneak peek of Disney Pixar’s upcoming Brave. Brave follows Merida as she lashes out against tradition and sets out to carve her own path in life, learning the meaning of true bravery along the way. Think Mulan, but in Scotland and, if this trailer is anything to go by, much funnier. Brave is brought to you by none of the writers of Toy Story 3 or Up, so it may be a step away from Pixar trying to drown me ┬áin a pool of my own tears.

Here, for your viewing pleasure, is Brave:


As if we haven’t been good enough to you already! Check out a little teaser for La Luna. This beautiful-looking short will be shown before Brave when they are released in Ireland and the UK on August 3rd 2012.

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