Films that Inspire Christmas Cheer

Christmas will forever be a holiday that happens to have a ton of films to its name. It’s a great time of year to sit down with loved ones or even just by yourself and just relax. There’s the oldies, the ones for kids, the cheesy, funny and sad. So not matter where you’re tastes lie, you’re about to find something!

Home Alone/Home Alone 2: Lost In New York (1990/2)

The Home Alone films are Christmastime must-sees. Kevin McCallister (Macaulay Culkin) is left all on his loneseome on two different occasions both times squaring off with Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. Kevin learns some valuable lessons about family and the meaning of Christmas all the while setting traps for the robbers – scalding hands, lighting people’s heads on fire, throwing bricks, hurling cans of paint and dropping irons on faces. Am I alone in thinking this kid is some kind of sadistically evil mastermind?! Seriously, when I was eight I’d have stayed hiding under my parents bed or, you know, called the cops.

The Muppet Christmas Carol (1992)

Michael Caine takes on the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge himself. Only there’s a twist, he’s surrounded by Muppets. Caine makes a convincing song and dance as he transformers from bah-humbug to Christmas enthusiast.

It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

Two celestial beings are discussing George Bailey (James Stewart) a man who is thinking of suicide on Christmas Eve because not only does he think very little of himself but he faces an arrest and financial ruin. Clarence, one of these beings, is told about George’s wish to have never been born which provokes Clarence to show him what that life would have been like had that been the case. Despite not being an instant hit, It’s a Wonderful Life gathered fans through reruns and is now known as one of the most heartwarming Christmas movies around.

The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

Jack Skellington (Chris Sarandon/Danny Elfman) known as the Pumpkin King finds himself a portal to Christmas Town. Intrigued by what he’s seen, he intends to bring back all he learned to his world which leads to the take over of Christmas Town. Once Santa aka Sandy Claws is captured, Jack assumes his role and well, let’s just say he makes a bags hames of it. Not only will the film keep you engaged but you’ll also be singing the soundtrack for days afterwards.

Scrooged (1998)

As the title implies, it’s a take on the story of Dickens’ Ebeneezer Scrooge. The forever sarcastic Bill Murray plays Frank Cross, a cynical TV executive who has only gotten to where he is by trudging all over the people around him. He’s gotten by solely by treating all those around him as if they mean nothing. His emotional transformation from that of a cold-hearted Scrooge provides buckets of hilarity especially when after all of his ghostly visits he encounters and tries to calm a disgruntled ex-employee with a shotgun (Bobcat  Goldthwait). Tickles!

Gremlins (1984)

What’s the best Christmas present for your child? An unheard of animal that has so many rules in terms of care that it becomes apparently impossible to stick by. Here are some Christmas carolling gremlins.

The Santa Clause (1994)

What happens when you accidentally make Father Christmas fall off your roof and disappear? Well, you take his place. It’s slightly (understatement) clichéd but Tim Allen may just pull your heart strings as nothing seems to go his way. He’s divorced and a lacking father but don’t fret, everything works out because its Christmas! And nothing says gained respect like a Santa costume.

Edward Scissorhands (1990)

The first of Depp and Burton’s collaborations (sadly, of many) begins with an elderly woman telling her granddaughter the reason it snows each Christmas delving into the tale of the artificially made Edward Scissorhands. It delivers us the delightful Christmassy image of Edward sculpting ice while his love (Winona Ryder) dances beneath the falling snow.

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (2005)

When thief Harry Lockhard (Robert Downey Jr.) accidentally ends up in an acting audition while on the run he ends up pretending he’s a real life detective – much to Gay Perry’s (Val Kilmer) distaste. Although the film is set a Christmas there isn’t much of a reminder of the holiday – aside from Michelle Monaghan’s attire – there is one thing I know for certain, it’ll have you and whoever you watch it with in stitches!

Jingle All The Way (1996)

Granted, it’s probably the worst film on the list but what’s Christmas without a little junk TV. And who doesn’t want to see Arnie take on a reindeer?!

The Polar Express (2004)

As Christmas beckons, a young boy starts getting suspicious about Santa. The Polar Express arrives to invite him aboard because of his failure to send Santa his letter this year. The boy reveals that he’s afraid of being duped if there turns out to be no Santa so he’s wary of the trip to the North Pole. The animation is a tad bit shoddy but with several characters voiced by Mr. Tom Hanks and a very Christmassy feel, The Polar Express is a nice tale of way of verbalising children’s inner fear that Santa Claus may just be a tall tale.


Die Hard (1988)

On Christmas Eve, John McClane (Bruce Willis) has the rotten luck of being in a building that is held hostage by criminals led by Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman). For most,Die Hardis a great action movie but it doubles as for the holidays. The story of McClane taking on the baddies single-handedly and, not to mention, barefoot is a Christmas adventure like no other.

Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

When a newly hired Santa named Kris Kringle (Richard Attenborough) is charged with assault and taken to court the only way the believers of his innocence can think of saving him is to prove he is the real Santa. With wishes granted and the joy of the holidays instilled in people’s hearts, there is little wonder that this film is a Christmas favourite.

Scrooge/A Christmas Carol (1951)

It’s an adaptation of Dickens’ novella, this time with Alastair Sim slipping into the role of Ebeneezer Scrooge. This version is widely known as the one to shame all other film versions of the tale. Sim’s portrayal of Scrooge is so powerfully raw and inspiring that is hard to hate on him. Especially when he fearfully acknowledges his faults but then says he is too old to change and is better off in bed.

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