Movie News 15/02/11

The new Spiderman reboot starring Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone has been officially named as The Amazing Spider-Man. What an awe-inspiring name. Ahem. The film isn’t due out until July 2012, but until then, here’s the first official picture of Mr Garfield fully decked out in the blue and reds. Lovely.

If you don’t know already, and Pop Culture Monster put it down to a sick joke for a while, but they’re making yet another Men in Black movie. Aptly titled Men in Black 3, the movie stars Smith and Lee Jones as the suited-up… where was I? Oh, em, yeah. May 23, 2012.

The fellers that brought you the Twilight for Guys spoof have turned their attention to the anti-puberty that is Justin Bieber. Here’s The Bieber Movie: For Guys. Warning, contains boobs.

Frankenweenie! Tim Burton is making a big screen remake of his short film which was an adaptation of the famous Mary Shelly novel Frankenstein. The movie was/is about a young boy who makes monster movies and ends up trying to bring his dog Sparky back to life after he’s hit by a car. It’s  a stop-motion animated, black and white feature which is rendered in 3D. This is perpetual-remake/adaptation-motion. In 3D. And this is a plea to Tim Burton to make an original movie.

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