Paul Review

Pegg. Frost. Aliens. Winner.

As tempting as it was to leave this review at four words I’m told that I must continue. Shall we then?

Following in the footsteps of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Paul sees Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as a pair of hopelessly geeky BBFs. The pair set off on a trip through the USA, starting at Comic-Con, with the intention of visiting Area 51, The Black Mailbox and other areas of alien interest. Nothing could prepare them for what they find along the way.

As with their previous ventures, one cannot help but feel that Pegg and Frost had the time of their lives working on this movie. From beginning to end it is an all-out geekfest. They pay tribute to the entire alien back catalogue with references from Star Wars to Close Encounters to ET to everything in between. The result of which is a reverent and knowing thrill ride.

The cast lacks a weak link, with the primary duo joined by Seth Rogen (who you’ll forget is actually playing the part of Paul), Kristen Wiig and Jason Bateman to make up the main support. Wiig is charming as Ruth, in the role that should see her gain the level of exposure that she’s thus far been denied in Adventureland and Whip It. Bateman defies type as the tough-as-nails FBI agent on Paul’s trail, while Sigourney Weaver is suitably diabolical as the voice controlling the action.

Given that this is the boys’ first major outing without Edgar Wright (who was busy making Scott Pilgrim), it doesn’t suffer at all in terms of the spirit we’ve come to expect in the Spaced team’s movie outings. Paul is a film about an alien, but above that it is a film about friendship, freedom and fitting in. Pop Culture Monster has made a space on his DVD shelf for this cracker of a film, released this Valentine’s Dy, Feb 14 2011.

[xrr rating=4/5]

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