New Pirates of the Caribbean Posters

Hello new Pirates of the Caribbean posters.

Mr Walt Disney and his army of subordinates have just released two new posters for the movie. One with Penélope Cruz (Best Esporting Actress for Vicky Christina Barcelona) and the other with Johnny Depp. There’s two more on the way too, one with Geoffrey Rush and another with Ian McShane. We’ll keep you posted when they arrive.

This is the fourth (yes, fourth) in the series and sees Captain Jack on his way to find the fountain of youth. He crosses paths with Angelica (Cruz) and some sort of misadventure and swashbuckling madness ensues. This fourth installment sees Gore Verbinski bow out of the series and replaced by Rob Marshall (all the movies based on musicals) so let’s hope a new director can spin us a better movie than the last two.

The film hits Ireland on May 18.

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