A letter from St. Eleventy to the Corinthians

Hello there! You’re looking mighty fine today, yes even you there in your mismatched pyjamas and old man socks. Oh wait, that’s me.

So here I am acting as Guest Editor for the day and am thrilled to do so. Although I didn’t have much of a choice as Pop Culture Monster threatened to eat my house if I said no. (Between you and me I think he might have some anger management issues.)

So who the heck am I?

I am EleventyFour, hear my roar! Well, hear my lo-fi songs about stealing forklfts, overdosing on cake and serenading foetuses. I’m sure they’ll have the same impact. You can find them in all the usual places online.

So what does an Editor do? My immediate thoughts were of Perry White, Editor of The Daily Planet in ‘Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman’ but I don’t think I could pull off being a bellowing middle-aged Elvis-obsessed Southern chap. I certainly don’t want to anyway. Also, somewhere from the depths of my swiss-cheese memory arose the image of Press Gang. Does anyone else remember that tv programme? Ah those were the days, the early nineties. They were simpler times. No internet, no bail outs and no such thing as Jedward. Not that I haven’t enjoyed this decade. After all it’s when both EleventyFour and PopCultureMonster came into being. Incidentally doesn’t ‘noughties’ sound like what your auntie says to your dog when he poos on the carpet? Noughties! Looking futurewards, I’m hoping they’ll officially name 2011 TwentyEleventy. I’ll probably start my own grassroots campaign.

I was thinking that people might call me Madam like in the Irish Times letters but it sounds a bit formal for my liking. How about Madam Eleventy? No, that won’t do. Miss Eleventy? Yes. Miss Eleventy it is.

Now, on with the day. We’ve got lots for you, fab articles, reviews, interviews and some special surprises. Let’s do this! PopCultureMonster’s got a new lady monster at the helm. RraaaaRrr!


Miss Eleventy x

P.S. I’ll be quite the social cyber monster today, come say hi on Twitter, Facebook and at the new forums page!

P.P.S. Here’s me in my new hat. The transformation into Monster has begun. Rrraarrrr!!

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