Advent Calendar of Music: Day 21

Maud in Cahoots – Push Me Under

It’s been a brilliant year for Maud in Cahoots, winning Guinness Our Thursdays, recording and releasing a song with Universal, singing a duet with Gary Lightbody and opening for Snow Patrol. The list of their achievements this year alone is pretty endless. Now they’re featured as one of the top tracks of 2010 on Pop Culture Monster’s Advent Calendar. Why you ask? Well it’s really simple, actually. It’s an absolutely brilliant song. Layered voices, biting lyrics, haunting almost baroque sounding violin riffs, and some great percussion. Even the original demo version was beautiful, but the production value on this released version is improved ten-fold, most notably in the percussion which is some of the finest you’ll hear around at the moment. Maud’s voice is unusual, blending soulfullness with an unmistakable drawl. This is also very representative of Maud’s songwriting techniques, which border on the classical Sonata. Unfortunately, Universal Music won’t let the full song to be streamed (grr!) but Maud kindly gave us the one minute sample, which really highlights just how great the song is. So, why not buy it and hear the rest. Until then…

Maud in Cahoots – Push Me Under min sample by Pop Culture Monster

p.s. You can check out the video for Push Me Under here.

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